Autolook Refund Policy

Selling Cars or Vans on Autolook offers great value through favorable listing fees for wide exposure for your vehicle and effective enhancements to improve the chances of a buyer noticing your Advert. Autolook therefore cannot generally offer refunds on listing fees.

Autolook adheres to the following policy with respect to requests for refunds of listing fees: 
1. Autolook will not provide any refund, for any reason, if Autolook receives the request for refund more than 24 hours after an advert has been ordered or any package bought by dealers. If you contact us after 24 hours, we will correct any mistakes we/you have made in the advert or account, but cannot offer a refund.
2. If you contact us within 24 hours of ordering an advert/package, Autolook will provide a refund only if your advert has not been posted/live and you wish to cancel the advert or cancel the dealer package without using any allowance.
3. Autolook cannot provide a refund for any other reason, even if you contact within 24 hours of ordering an advert or buying a trade package. For example, we cannot provide a refund if you change your mind about the advert or package etc.

We also can’t refund you

- If you buy any package and use it
- If it’s an ad for massages
- If you post your ad in the wrong category on purpose
- If you keep posting more than one ad for the same item (no duplicates!)
- If you delete an ad you paid for or had features on it
- If you pay for your ad and it goes live then change your mind about it
- If you pay for a feature then decide you wanted another feature instead
- Bump Ups - these are used as soon as they're bought, so no refund.
- If we send you emails saying you’ve broken our rules, and you keep breaking them
Important: There are more situations where we can’t refund you than the list above. If we feel you’ve breached any of our terms and conditions, we have the right to take your ad or account down without a refund.

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